Android app – Draw On Screen

Draw On Screen is an Android app that gives you the freedom to draw on top of any screen.

All drawings are pressure-sensitive to make the drawings more vivid and lively. To start, pick a shape to draw with and move your finger around the screen to get the feel of the smooth drawings. Premium upgrade enables infinite color selection and customize-able pen size that practically maximize the power of the drawing tool that is only limited by your imagination.

Draw On Screen is available on Google Play now.

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Android screen recorder – One Shot

One Shot is a screen recorder for Android Lollipop and above. Record screen with ultra high quality, production ready video. Fully YouTube compliant, hassle free.

One Shot is available on Google Play as free and premium version.

Android kids math game – Equal

Equal is a real-time multi-player math game that is designed for both kids and adults. Great for bonding between family and friends. Also great for kids to pick up their interest in learning math.

Equal is available on Google Play now.

Android memory training game – Memoria

Memoria is a memory training game for Android which consists of multiple themes with different modes in each theme. Training your memory while playing, enjoys the fun and gain something really useful in life.

Memoria is available on Google Play now.

Android text reader – Simpler

Simpler is a Android text reader that turns .txt files into books for easy reading.

Book is automatically paginated to fit device screen, turns the page instead of scrolling through the file. All book status (eg. theme, encoding, font size, font type, last stop position, etc) are remembered to make the reading experience real good and conducive.

Simple is available on Google Play store now.

Motorola Nexus 6 unveiled

Google has added a new device to the Nexus line – Motorola Nexus 6.

Find out why you should never miss Nexus 6.

HTC Nexus 9 unveiled

Google has added a new device to the Nexus line – HTC Nexus 9.

Is this device a good fit for all?