I (Daniel Tan) am a freelance programmer based in Singapore.

MakeEZ is a short form of “Make life easy”. This is the prospective start-up name I gave (as of Jan, 2014) as a way for people to remember me. This name is already used for all Android apps I have posted in Google Play store and will continue to be used for any other product(s) that I am going to launch in the future.

As hinted above, I am a freelance programmer specialize in making Android apps. Other than Android, I am also involved in web developments which is how this domain now-makeez.com gave birth. I love programming and I especially love it when people start using the (software) product I made with feedback. Prior to the freelancer, I worked for 2 Japanese company started as an Engineering Assistant, and slowly find my way up to become a Software Engineer. Working in R&D was fun, you can get your hands on a product that is not yet on the market and gets involved in the development cycle. Despite this, working for a single company almost always means you are going to work on a similar product repetitively. As much as I love R&D, I still decided that I wanted to expose myself more to different areas, thus I become a freelancer.

Over the years, I have used different programming languages (eg. C, Java, VBA, PHP, etc) to accomplish my jobs or task. I am a fan of open source, therefore I have used several open source software as base to build my product on top of it. For example, I have used LibGDX in making my 3rd Android app – Equal.

Programming to me is like sailing on the ocean, the possibility is endless.

Daniel Tan
Email: now.makeez@gmail.com
Contact: +65-97999261