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Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Android text reader

For all book lover, Android text reader must have been the keyword to search for in Google Play. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of apps in the store that offer different ways to read .txt files. Some apps let you view .txt file the same way you did when opening a notepad on Windows; Some uses the text-to-speech feature in Android to turn the .txt files into an audio book.

Simpler is a Android text reader that turns .txt files into books for easy reading (or viewing). When we say a book, we mean there is no scrolling in the reader; Book is automatically paginated to fit the device screen, making the reading experience more conducive on small screen. This reading style is best for anyone who reads fiction or novel.

Simpler automatically scans the Android device for all .txt files available and have them listed on the bookshelf (as shown in the picture on top of the post). From there, user can select any book to start reading. Simpler provides minimal settings (eg. encoding, font size) that are essential in reading a book.

Android text reader

The picture above shows how proper encoding can help improving the reading experience (prevent junk character). For tips, most .txt files are encoded in UTF-8 format (default encoding by Simpler), some Windows created file default it to WINDOWS-1251. All .txt files from China as of May, 2006 are encoded in GB18030.

Other than encoding, user can also change the font size that best suit them; Some different fonts are provided to entice user more into reading. Users are also allowed to select between day/night mode depending on their needs.

Android text reader

The last very important feature of Simpler is the ability to remember the status of a book – whether it is being read or the reading has been completed. Simpler automatically move the book across section (eg. reading, completed) so user knows better what to do next. Books can be renamed or removed (from the section only) to make the section cleaner and more tidied.

With these features, we believe Simpler has certainly makes reading .txt file on Android screen much more better.

Simple is available on Google Play store now.

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