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Thursday, May 7, 2015
Android draw on screen

Unleashes the power to draw on top of any screen with Draw On Screen. Draw On Screen is a multi-touch pressure-sensitive drawing tool that let you draw smoothly on your screen with simple shape. Get ready to immerse yourself into the world of free drawings.

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Android draw on screen

Draw On Screen is built upon 3 main settings – shape, color, and size.

Shape tells the app how you want to draw upon each touch on the screen. Circle and square are the standard shape to start with. Circle shape makes you draw like using a marker pen. Select the hollow circle should you want to get some airbrush effect on your drawing. The rounded-diagonal-rectangle acts like a fountain pen that’s best used for handwritten text.

Color tells the app the color you want to draw the shape with. The combination between Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha (RGBA) practically gives you infinite color option to paint with. Airbrush works the best at Alpha “10”. Set your shape to Circle with Alpha value “20” to get the felt-tip effect. To use any shape like an eraser, simply set Alpha value to “00”.

Size tells the app the min/max thickness you want to draw the shape with. App attempts to calculate the thickness of the shape on run-time based on the pressure you apply while moving your finger on the screen. Set both min/max to the same value to draw without any pressure-sensitive effect.

# Premium upgrade is required in order to unlock color and size picker.

Android draw on screen

Draw On Screen allows you to undo your stroke or clear all drawings in a single click.

Undo removes the last stroke you have performed in drawing mode. Draw On Screen cached your drawings for as long as the app is running in both portrait and landscape mode. A maximum of 5 undo actions can be performed on each drawing (portrait or landscape).

Clear removes all strokes you have performed in drawing mode. Note that clear action is also considered as a stroke and thus can be undone using the undo button.

Android draw on screen

Draw On Screen allows you to toggle drawing mode and menu bar to use your device as per normal.

Toggle drawing mode by clicking on the “eye” button when necessary. When drawing mode is disabled, you can use the device as per normal leaving only the menu bar visible on screen.

Hide menu bar from the screen if you don’t need it. Menu bar can be hidden while drawing mode is still on to give distraction free experience to the drawing. Go to the notification drawer and tap on the app drawer in order to show the menu bar again.

Android draw on screen

Draw On Screen also let you re-position the menu bar besides hiding it altogether.

Shift menu bar to the left/top/right/bottom accordingly if you need to use it but is finding it blocking your view.

Android draw on screen

Draw On Screen uses shake action to show/hide/toggle drawing mode and (or) menu bar.

Show/Hide/Toggle drawing mode and (or) menu bar with a single shake. Shake action is highly recommended on phone/phablet with relatively smaller physical size. Using the buttons to perform these actions can be troublesome over time, try to wake it up with a shake. Set both actions to ignore to disable shake action.

Android draw on screen

Draw On screen can be shutdown from menu bar as well.

Shutdown Draw On Screen when you don’t need it. Be reminded that all drawings will be gone when you shutdown the app. All settings will be remembered, however.

Draw On Screen works in both portrait and landscape mode and it keeps a different copy of the drawings in each orientation. All drawings will be gone once the app is being shutdown.

Draw On Screen is available on Google Play now.

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