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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Looking for kids math game on Android?

MakeEZ have got a home-brewed app for you – Equal.

If you have ever searched for “kids math” on Google Play store, you will see a full list of kids math already available. I have tried at least 10 of those, and most of them are really pretty good in doing what they are doing. Still, I have decided I want to add a new kids math game to the list. Why? you may ask. Well, let me go through a few reasoning below to account for the big question mark.

What is a kids math game?
Kids math game, to me, is an app that runs like a game to let the kids gain interest in learning math. Those kids math games on Google Play store are already doing the job pretty well. Still, there are rooms for improvements.

No negative comment.
Games, will always unavoidably need to have an ending, be it pass or failed (or win and lose in our case). Winning a game is surely a happy thing, losing on the other end, is not. Negative comment like “you are a loser”, “you are so noob” will upset the kids and make them giving up on continue learning math eventually. As noted above, the purpose of a kids math game is to let the kids pick up their interest in learning math. Any negative comment is very not welcome in my opinion, not even when it is a sound effect.

Don’t force your kids into learning, learn together with them in the real-time mode.
Learning alone is always boring and tiring. How about you learn together with your kids? I think learning together is another way to draw the interest of the kids and it is a great time for bonding as well. Spend a few minutes each day with your kids, send them a challenge to the math game, this will keep your kids passions in learning and bring you closer to them at the same time.

Optimum game duration.
As hinted above, a game that takes too long to complete is not a good game. In fact, overly immerse into game is very bad for both kids and adults. First, the adults might not have so much time for a game. Second, kids that get immersed into the game will become addicted to gaming. 2 minutes is all you need to play a game with your kids, or to let them play on their own without monitoring.

Challenge the world.
If you really cannot afford 2 minutes a day to play a game with your kids, allow them to train themselves by challenging people from across the world. No chatting is allowed in the game so you don’t have to worry your kids will be misguided in any way.

Statistics collected for every game played.
Throughout the game play, statistics of the game played will be accumulated for reference later. For example, you can check how many times your kids have answered an equation with number 50 included and the accuracy of the answers in ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. This is definitely helpful in determining which operand with which operator the kids are weak in (eg. accuracy of answering an equation containing operand 50 with DIVISION operator is 33%) so they can focus on training in that particular area.

Equal is available on Google Play store now.

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