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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Android screen recorder – a long-awaited function, has finally made its way onto Android.

I still remember the time when I got my first Android phone – HTC Magic. I was so impressed by the live wallpaper introduced on Android. And so I have been looking for a way to record the screens to show it off to my friends and family. Back then, screen recording was not possible without rooting the device due to some security concern.

The lack of this functionality persists until Android Lollipop becomes official.

Since the announcement of Android L, many developers have started developing screen recorder apps that can run without root permission. Some of the developers have experiences in developing the well-known rooted version screen recorder. Those apps have received immediate welcome from the communities.

As a user-cum-developer, I have personally tried out many of the similar (and great) apps. Each app have its own strength and they have all drawn a pretty good amount of downloads with ratings and reviews.

Some time after the official release of Android Lollipop, I have decided I want to make a screen recorder of my own with the features I want.

I have targeted several areas where I want to put my design focus on:

  1. Well-defined recording procedures (enable recorder, start recording, stop recording, disable recorder)
  2. Ultra high quality screen recording (4K, 50Mbps, 60fps)
  3. Production ready screen recording (shoot-and-share, no extra frame, no video editor needed)
  4. Fully YouTube compliant video (chosen due to its dominant in video streaming industry)
  5. Customizable watermark/logo (to claim video ownership, a function for reviewer)

With the design on mind, I quickly got the new screen recorder – One Shot – developed. One Shot have been made available on Google Play in both free and premium version since.

A community – Android Shots – is also created on G+ for everyone who wants to share their screens video to others.

With the advent of native screen recorder, gone was the day of screenshots.

Click on the link below for more apps developed by MakeEZ:

Android app on Google Play

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